43" Outdoor Totem DE-LUXE
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43" Outdoor Totem DE-LUXE

  • Outdoor Multimedia Totem
  • 43"
  • Anti Vandal Version
  • Viewing Angle 178°/178° (H/V)
  • High brightness up to 5000 cd/m2
  • Touchscreen Multitouch
  • Extended Temperature Range
  • Android / Windows
  • IP 65

Other possible configurations

For other finishes or personalizations please contact us. We will be happy to put together the desired configuration with you.
☎ +33 (0)4 26 31 75 20 - ✉ contact.fr@vertexdisplays.com

  • No Touch
  • PCAP
  • No Logo
  • Logo

The DE-LUXE series is characterized by a wide range of precious metal surfaces, unique in the digital signage market. The exclusive design of the DE-LUXE line integrates perfectly into environments and architectural contexts of particular importance.

A unique way to advertise

Enter a new world of digital presentation. Vertex totems, with their innovative design, are truly unique. In addition to the high-end technology for large monitors with touchscreen function, the stylish and trendy surface and the totem design do not go unnoticed. These elements determine the difference between an interactive monitor and a Vertex digital totem.

Chassis in special metallic finishes

Building the Totem is something we've been particularly successful at. The metal case is made from machined steel in Corten, Zinc, Brass, Burnished Steel, Bronze or Brass / Bronzed and looks extremely elegant. The design allows for a perfect combination of traditional atmosphere and the most modern technology. This is the transition into the digital age, harmonious integration in an environment, at the height of tradition.

Super bright display specific for outdoor installations.

Our displays are characterized by high brightness. During the night you can read on all our displays. Most of the problems occur on bright and sunny days, in which, normally, you can hardly recognize what is displayed. From this point of view, Vertex displays have major advantages. In fact, they have a brightness of 5000 Candele / m2 (usually a good monitor reaches values ​​up to 500 Cd / m2). It is possible to read about Vertex totems on very bright days, but also in rain and snow conditions. The totems are water resistant according to the industrial standard Norma SP 67.

24/7 operation with internet access.

Our totems are designed for continuous operation and can be easily configured through remote assistance. In this regard, it is possible both a central control of the contents and a playback via the integrated multimedia content player.

Corporate design

Your Logo can be laser engraved and backlit or screen printed. This will be a prominent design element.

Robust technology to protect against vandalism

The totem pole is very heavy and is fixed to a stable foundation. It has a weight between 50 and 75 kg depending on the size. The glass covering the touch screen has a thickness of 10 mm, therefore very stable. In addition, the touchscreen monitor can be used with the fingers allowing correct navigation between multimedia contents. The interactive totem is designed for operation in both summer and winter. It is equipped with a ventilation system, as well as heating if necessary during the winter.

IP Protection
Taille / Size