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DE:LUXE takes Digital Signage to the next level. Learn how to turn Digital Signage products into an experience that blends harmoniously into any environment.

Unique metal surfaces for unique locations

The products of the DE:LUXE series are characterized by special metal surfaces that are not available on the market in this form. Usually, kiosks or screen cases have a lamination of any colour. Our DE:LUXE series is equipped with robust steel housings with an elegant metal finish. Six different metal surfaces are available:


Brass is the gold-shimmering metal known from musical instruments such as trumpet or tuba.


Corten is a form of noble rust, which is reddish brown and has a grain.


Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin; it has a warm and soft colour and is often used in crafts for statues or church bells.

Burnished Steel

Burnished Steel has an opaque black protective layer against corrosion, produced by a special burning process.


Zinc comes quite close in colour to steel or silver, but it is darker and not shiny.


Our brass/bronze is a very special blend, it is not as light yellow as brass, but also not as dark as bronze.

DE:LUXE makes the difference

Our kiosks and monitors from the DE:LUXE series are not annoying billboards but fit harmoniously into any environment.

DE:LUXE kiosk systems

A kiosk system is the perfect way to get in touch with your visitors. Present interactive content on the large screens, optionally with a touch system for navigation.

The DE:LUXE kiosk systems fit harmoniously into any environment and look particularly elegant thanks to their special surfaces. This kiosk system stands, for example, in front of a church in Monaco.

DE:LUXE monitors

If you would like to use a particularly elegant monitor system outdoors, you should use our DE:LUXE monitors. These are available in sizes from 24" to 55".

Like the kiosk systems, these monitors are characterized by a brightness of 3,500 Cd/m2, which is particularly suitable for daylight. That's 10 times that of a normal screen.

DE:LUXE Cabinet for monitors

Existing monitors can also be used outdoors thanks to the DE:LUXE cabinet. The cabinets are IP65 splash-proof and have the same DE:LUXE surface.

For example, if you are looking for a way to install existing monitors outdoors, these cabinet systems will help you further and they use the existing software.

Service makes the difference

As a European manufacturer, we offer you a comprehensive service that you usually sorely miss with products from the Far East. We are available for you and are still at your side years after the purchase.


We as a manufacturer can customize the products according to your needs. This particularly applies to the backlit laser-cut logo

10 year support

We are there for you, not only during the purchase but also afterwards. We can still help you years later, where others no longer have the opportunity.

Service Hotline

Service hotline If there is a problem, you can call us or send us an email. We support you with words and deeds.

Spare parts supply

If there is a defect in a component, we still have spare parts to get your device running again.

Industrial quality

Completely different quality criteria apply in industry. These standards also apply in particular to our DE:LUXE products. We only use high quality components.


In the event of a defect, you can rely on us. We work with a network of technicians who can quickly fix this on site.

Feel free to contact us.

Vertriebsleiter Massimiliano Donati

Our sales manager Mr. Massimiliano Donati (phone +49 810 466 588 12) will be happy to work with you to develop a concept for how you can use digital signage.

We would also be happy to send you our product brochure in advance.


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