43" Indoor Totem with disinfectant
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43" Indoor Totem with disinfectant

  • Multimedia totem with disinfectant dispenser
  • 43"
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Brightness 300 cd / m2
  • Remote Control
  • Android / Windows

Info about Leasing

The Totem with disinfectant dispenser does not take up much space, it is ideal to be placed in the entrance area of ​​a room or in the toilets.

This system is a successful multimedia mix combined with a hand cleaning system. This indoor device therefore attracts people's attention to the maximum. Anyone who wants to clean their hands will automatically look at the 43" screen and can thus be well informed.

Information system with 43"screen

The screen has a brightness of up to 300 Cd / m2 and thus produces brilliant images even in bright indoor environments. The content can be delivered via a CMS accessible from any mobile phone or notebook.

Hand cleaning included

The Totem with Disinfectant Dispenser also has an integrated disinfection station which can be equipped with spray, gel or foam. The system automatically signals if the disinfectant is about to run out. On the edge, moreover, there is a sensor that measures body temperature.

300 bis 1000 cd/m²