50x100 Outdoor Led Videowall
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50x100 Outdoor Led Videowall

  • Pixel Pitch: 4.81 / 3.91 / 2.97
  • Resolution: 128x128 / 104x104
  • Brightness: 5,500 cd / m2
  • Connections: DVI, LAN, WIFI, 4G
  • Dimensions: 50x100x7,5 cm
  • Remote management
The LED videowall can be installed in a modular way, like a cheessboard. For a wall of 3x4 are required 24 modules.
  • 4,81
  • 2,97
  • 3,91

The videowall Vertex stike for their brightness of 5.500 cd/m2. the colours are bright even under daylight conditions and easily readable even from long distances. The videowall Vertex has a perfect video experince, even in adverse weather conditions. These modules are designed for a 24/7 operating time. 

Ideal saloution for all type of uses:

  • DOOH: screens are perfect for Digital-out-of-home, which is for digital information within outdoor advertising spaces.
  • Bus stop and subway: satisfy the information need of passengers through multimedia content.
  • What is for: attracts the attentionof passer-by with easily readable video even at long distances.
  • Live event: broadcast streaming from the stage to huge video walls.

Videowall Vertex offer a unique multiedia experience, thanks to LED modules with extremely low centre to centre distances. they are available in almost all sizes. A videowall has an unlimited number of modules 50x50, which combine with each other, allow you to view the contents in a perfect way. The videowall has an unique flexibility, a large operating reliability. and a simple operating.