Monitor for Engel injection molding machines

Vertex offers replacement monitors for Engel injection molding machines. If the system display of your Engel injection molding machine is damaged, we can help. It doesn't matter whether an old CRT monitor is still integrated in the Engel operating display or a new TFT monitor. Our monitors are 100% compatible with the control unit of your Engel system.

Engel injection molding machines

Engel is a leading manufacturer of injection molding machines and automation solutions for the plastics industry. The company is headquartered in Austria and operates production facilities and sales offices worldwide. Engel injection molding machines are known for their precision and reliability. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, from the production of small parts to large components for the automotive industry. An important part of the Engel machines are the associated robots and conveyor belt systems, which ensure efficient production. The Engel robots are tailored to the specific requirements of the injection molding industry and offer high flexibility and precision when handling and placing parts. The Engel conveyor belts, on the other hand, ensure a smooth material flow and efficient processing of plastic granules.

The company Engel

Engel is an innovative company dedicated to constantly improving its products and services. It has a long tradition in the plastics industry and is a recognized leader in this field. Engel has set itself the goal of offering its customers the best possible solutions and has received numerous awards and certificates in this regard.

Engel machine spare parts

We offer high-quality replacement products for all areas: we can adequately and effectively exchange displays, control panels, digital displays, panels for controlling the CNC systems and all other types of screens. Our replacement monitors are in no way inferior to the original products: They are usually designed for continuous operation (24/7).

Replacement monitors for Engel machines

We can assist you in the shortest possible time and send you a replacement monitor. Our customer service will be happy to advise you. Call us or email us your problem.

Vertex replacement monitors

Vertex has been manufacturing TFT displays for use in a wide range of machine tools from CharMilles / GF Machining Solutions since 1997. Whether they are CNC machines or milling machines, they all have in common that they display their processes on monitors. First-generation CRT monitors in particular were very vulnerable. In 24/7 operation, the information shown was burned into the display. Over time, the displays became unreadable. Of course, a CRT monitor can also have a defect. The CharMilles / GF Machining Solutions replacement monitors from Vertex, thousands of which are already in use, can help.