15 inches TFT Replacement monitor for Heidenhain BC120 - BC120F
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TFT Heidenhain BC120 - BC120F(with Frontal Plate and membrane Keyboard)test

15" LCD Industrial Monitor with frontal plate and membrane keyboard as replacement for the 15" CRT Monitor Heidenhain BC 120 - BC 120F


This 15“ CRT monitor has been developed as a replacement for the 15“ CRT Color Monitor mounted in Heidenhain BC 120 - BC 120F with frontal plate and membrane keyboard

OurTFT is a Plug & Play solution, that means it is 100% compatible on the electrical and mechanical side.

This allows a quick and easy replacing without a specific technical knowledge and tooling.


Technical data:

Operator panel / CNC


Original Monitor Code

Heidenhain BC 120 - BC 120F with frontal plate and membrane ketyboard


15" LCD/ 1024 x 768


300 cd/m2

Viewing angle

140° H - 125° V

Frequency range

15-45 kHz horizontal, 50-75 Hz vertikal


VGA / HD 15

Menu settings

Via OSD (On Screen Display)

Front panel

Frontal Lexan Protection

Mechanical dimension

100% compatible to the original

Operating voltage

100 - 240 VAC

Operating temperature

-10°C to 55°C

Manufactured according to

EN55022, EN55024


Product code: